Saturday, September 11, 2010

Long Flowery Dress

I bought this new piece the Miss Selfridge Fashion Night Out. I also brought a girl friend (chio bu = means pretty lady) out together with me too :) Overall the show was fantastic, we quite enjoyed it. Showing the latest trend of clothings, jackets, dresses, shoes, bags and matching up with nice accessories, scarf & belt. I felt in love with one of the piece. Its something that I always wanted to get and finally I found!!! Here it is........(below)
This is something that I don't usually wear frequently. I know myself very well, anything that is longer below my knees is a No No No....but this long dress, for the sake of pretty hahahaha I grab it!!!! 

My shocking pink shoes and accessories-bangles are from TopShop. The hair flower pin is from Orchard Central (shop's name unavailable)

Alternative you can go for this look Denim Jacket with a Belt. I prefer off denim jacket. Singapore is a hot country, my own personal preference - I would always go for something less, short and sleeveless + of course with a bit of classy & sexy looks. =)))
Another Jumpsuit piece. It seems jumpsuit trend is back!!! I will show you one of my classy jumpsuits in my next post. As of now.....Adios!!! =))

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Anonymous said...

lovely dress....i like your style...demure