Thursday, January 26, 2012

Are you gain for Cavalli??

Helloo there!!!
Got this from TopShop...I love it love it love it.
The design of the fabric resemblance of R.Cavalli design.
It look chic! I matched it with Charlotte's shoes, LV mini bag and the stocking is also from TopShop (with love written @ ankle)
Like it?
This year according to the chinese horoscope prediction, black is my lucky colour. Not sure how true it is. But if you were to wear black during CNY, the elder from your family might not like it....hahahaha
But this fabric design is so perfect...especially the pink stripe!!!
Love it love it love it!!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Wish Everyone have a Prosperous New Year!!!!

How's the celebration going everyone?
I had a good rest!
Didn't do much like what I usually did for CNY.
This year no open house for us. Me and hubby decided to give ourself a good rest for this year. But I do miss the fun like getting yourself busy preparing sumptious cny dinner for your family (which I normally does every year) and get together with your relatives and family.
I missed cny in Brunei... over here didn't get to play fireworks!
I hope next year I get to travel back to Brunei for CNY!!! =)))
As for chinese tradition, it is always good to wear something close to "red" during chinese new year. It represent auspicious.
Well, not to wear entirely red, I bought this maroon skirt and a black&white top from River Island. Didn't realise that it was a good matched!
I randomly selected this during sales.
It was a good buy!!!
I matched it with my favourite Alexandre McQueen shocking pink shoes for a fun looks.
Accessorise with Topshop earrings and YSL Clutch.