Monday, September 27, 2010

Draped Tencil Biker Jacket

My office wear..... Espirit white shirt and TopShop black skirt.

Take a closer look at the back of the skirt, it's not an ordinary pencil skirt. I love the design as it accentuate my body shape especially at my butt ;) 

My new jacket, its from TopShop again!!! Yes I love their outfit. 

Till now, have a great week ahead everyone!! Muack Muack.....

Hot Pants

A colleague of mind was asking me "Why didn't I blog my office wear?" ....and I laugh...hahahaha. If I can wear this to office how nice would that be =)))
I love wearing short, you won't see me wearing long pants or skirt over the weekend. I like something light and carefree. Singapore its too hot for me. What I have here is hot pants and of course match with a little bit of style......
The jacket, white shirt and hot pants are from Zara.

I would wear this hoisery - looks fun.

This black shoes is from Enzo Angiolini. Its velvet texture. Very comfy and its always high - that's my criteria! 

My white gold star pendant which I twist it on my wrist ;) I bought it from Citigems for during a Charity. That shiny diamond belt is from River Island.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Jumpsuits. I only wore this twice and it has sleeping in the wardrobe a year now. The first time I wore this was I remembered I was supposed to meet up a girlfriend for dinner and shopping but end up she fly my kite, I can understand she was busy with her work (*what a sucks boss she has). So I ended up no dinner, just walking around hunting for something I like. A european lady came to me and made a compliment saying that my jumpsuits looks beautiful on me...=))  Oh she really made my day...hehehehe. She even ask what label is this?  Of course I told her its from TopShop.  =P~~
The 2nd time I wore this was during my classmate ROM. Yes, lots of compliments from my friends too. =)) 

The gold high heels is also from TopShop. I grab this during the sales period @ a very good price too....hehehehe!!! So far I didn't get a chance to wear it, so decided to match this jumpsuits with the gold shoes....Both match well!!!

There's a opening at the back, Sexy!!! But one thing I must say, this material is not easy to handle. It get wrinkle very easily, that's one of the reason that I seldom wear this piece. The 2nd reasons are, I got to the loo very often, imagine I have to take off the whole piece (*so troublesome).
Earrings is a birthday gift from my girlfriend, she was the one that I mentioned earlier who fly my kite...hehehehe. Its from Massimo Dutti by the way =))

My cute little Louis Vuitton Papillon clutch.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ditsy Chiffon 1 Shoulder Dress

Another new dress =))) I have been eyeing this dress for quite sometime, thinking should i get it or not? I love the colour, it is so vibrant, the design looks chic and very attractive looking when you put on it. So I decided to buy it and wearing it for my special occassion. My Birthday!!! Ok, another year older and its definitely gonna be more pretty than ever before. Sexy, elegant and beautiful of course. BTW, this dress is from Miss Selfridge.
Hey, not sure did you guys notice? I changed new hair style. so unused to this new looks, my hair stylist recommended me to go for a clean, silky, sleak, straight dark hair style. Its damn straight!!! OK. Not a single hair stick out. When I m fully done, I was like 10yrs younger *shocked*....I looks like one of those teenage student especially when i m off make up.....lolz. Honestly, I still love my long sexy curl hair =))) Well for the time being, just be Young!!! hahaha

My shoe is from Steve Maiden. So stylish, cool, chic and comfortable too.

Accessories are from River Island (belt), Miss Seldfridege (clutch) and Chomel (Sworoski bracelet).

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Long Flowery Dress

I bought this new piece the Miss Selfridge Fashion Night Out. I also brought a girl friend (chio bu = means pretty lady) out together with me too :) Overall the show was fantastic, we quite enjoyed it. Showing the latest trend of clothings, jackets, dresses, shoes, bags and matching up with nice accessories, scarf & belt. I felt in love with one of the piece. Its something that I always wanted to get and finally I found!!! Here it is........(below)
This is something that I don't usually wear frequently. I know myself very well, anything that is longer below my knees is a No No No....but this long dress, for the sake of pretty hahahaha I grab it!!!! 

My shocking pink shoes and accessories-bangles are from TopShop. The hair flower pin is from Orchard Central (shop's name unavailable)

Alternative you can go for this look Denim Jacket with a Belt. I prefer off denim jacket. Singapore is a hot country, my own personal preference - I would always go for something less, short and sleeveless + of course with a bit of classy & sexy looks. =)))
Another Jumpsuit piece. It seems jumpsuit trend is back!!! I will show you one of my classy jumpsuits in my next post. As of now.....Adios!!! =))

Friday, September 3, 2010

Little Red Dress

Have been busy lately.....with work of course. We have successfully moved into the new office,  don't quite get used to the new environment at first, but now more or less already settled down.
Back to my topic...... its a classic dress from Ted Baker. The first time I wore this was during my chinese wedding customary =)) The gold necklace and ring its a gift from my sister, btw its from Poh Heng. I love this piece of jewellery. Enjoy viewing.......