Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sweet Little Dress

I also love this kind of flowy dress, simple, nice and carefree. =)
BTW, behind that tall building, is where my new office gonna be. I will be moving here in the next 2 weeks. So excited and can't wait!!!! Cos it's near my house, 5mins walk from home to office...lolz  =P~~
Oppss....side track a bit earlier on. Back to the topic.
The dress is from TopShop and as well as the shocking pink shoes.

This piece of jewellery is from Poh Heng 916k Gold. Not really sure the actual design, but its looks like a butterfly which attracted me. Pink ribbon bag is from MiuMiu.

Body Hugging Dress

Another favourite of mine, this blue tight dress is from BeBe. They always have nice tops and especially dresses. I love their bold colours purple, pink, blue, yellow....all the bright colours. Makes you feels you are at the centre of attraction. I love it!!!

Well, I'm sure you are able to tell where this from....hahahaha. Its another signature shoes from Gucci. Fall 2010 collection.

Flare Skirt

Have been quite busy lately, can't find time to go out doing photoshoot. I purposely took a day leave this week to shoot a few outfits which are my favorites.

The shirt and skirt both are from Zara. Infact if you choose a denim shirt to match with the current style also compliments well. My first thought was suppose to select a denim shirt, but after considering the weather of this country, I don't think I'm able to take the heat. The shoes, as you can tell its from Guess =))) Belt is from Forever21.
The latest Guess shoes design is very attractive. Sexy and hot.....match my style (wink)