Monday, September 27, 2010

Hot Pants

A colleague of mind was asking me "Why didn't I blog my office wear?" ....and I laugh...hahahaha. If I can wear this to office how nice would that be =)))
I love wearing short, you won't see me wearing long pants or skirt over the weekend. I like something light and carefree. Singapore its too hot for me. What I have here is hot pants and of course match with a little bit of style......
The jacket, white shirt and hot pants are from Zara.

I would wear this hoisery - looks fun.

This black shoes is from Enzo Angiolini. Its velvet texture. Very comfy and its always high - that's my criteria! 

My white gold star pendant which I twist it on my wrist ;) I bought it from Citigems for during a Charity. That shiny diamond belt is from River Island.

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