Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Jumpsuits. I only wore this twice and it has sleeping in the wardrobe a year now. The first time I wore this was I remembered I was supposed to meet up a girlfriend for dinner and shopping but end up she fly my kite, I can understand she was busy with her work (*what a sucks boss she has). So I ended up no dinner, just walking around hunting for something I like. A european lady came to me and made a compliment saying that my jumpsuits looks beautiful on me...=))  Oh she really made my day...hehehehe. She even ask what label is this?  Of course I told her its from TopShop.  =P~~
The 2nd time I wore this was during my classmate ROM. Yes, lots of compliments from my friends too. =)) 

The gold high heels is also from TopShop. I grab this during the sales period @ a very good price too....hehehehe!!! So far I didn't get a chance to wear it, so decided to match this jumpsuits with the gold shoes....Both match well!!!

There's a opening at the back, Sexy!!! But one thing I must say, this material is not easy to handle. It get wrinkle very easily, that's one of the reason that I seldom wear this piece. The 2nd reasons are, I got to the loo very often, imagine I have to take off the whole piece (*so troublesome).
Earrings is a birthday gift from my girlfriend, she was the one that I mentioned earlier who fly my kite...hehehehe. Its from Massimo Dutti by the way =))

My cute little Louis Vuitton Papillon clutch.

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