Sunday, November 28, 2010


My new piece for the week =)))
Sorry for not blogging lately. It wasn't a very good week for me. Work is always stressing out my life. Thank God for His blessing that I can do retail therapy which balance out my life! Not sure about you, but I feel good after all the shop shop =P~  Happy!!
I have here from River Island. Brown colour playsuits with gold button resemblance of military you have the same view as me?? hehehe
I see fun in this outfit. =))

My ballerina pumps from Tangerine - Tangs Studio.

I got this beaded bag from a push cart. It looks antique, although it carry no brand but I admire the design and how it was stitched. The workmanship is perfect!

My Chanel shade.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sentosa - Siloso Beach

Sentosa Beach. Have not been here for ages! Not too bad....once a while come back to the beach enjoy the sun and sea breeze...... =)))

By the way, the outfit is from Zara.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jackie Kennedy

I learned fashion from the peoples around me and Project Runway is one of th one of the show I always support. The fashion icon that I admired most is Jacqueline Kennedy. She is beautiful, intelligence and a lady that is with taste. =)))
I loved her very much =)))
A little piece of taste from Jacqueline Kenney here below. Simple and elegant.

The dress and shoes, both are from Zara. My maroon bag is Louis Vuitton - Alma.... =)