Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Morgan de Toi

Morgan de Toi is back!!! Finally!!!! It disappear from Singapore for a few years and now its back!!! WooHooo.... another new choice for me. I love Morgan, the design is bold match my personality =)))

My spicy hot chilli TopShop shoes...xoxoxoxo

Hope you guys enjoyed!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Formal Casual Wear

3pcs match. This is not the usual me, I'm not the creative type that knows what to mixed and match and neither I m a pants lover, BUT if anything that goes well in style, I will try to put it on. Below are brown leather look jacket from Zara, BeBe singlet and offwhite pants from Zara too.

Sunglasses is from River Island. My only favourite piece.

Steve Madden shoes - It has name of its own call Bibie =)))

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Leather Jackie

IT WAS CRAZY taking this outlook. Damn hot outside!!! But I love this outfit =))) I just feel like putting this up to show you guys. =))
Weather is going crazy, its supposed to be a cold period now in Singapore but somehow its the opposite.

 I have this Jacket from Bershka, the black ballet skirt is from TopShop and the white black strip shirt is from Zara.

 This lovely shoes is from Steve Madden

Red Hot!

Weeeeee........Its been a while I have not connect myself here. Been reallllll busy lately with work...ya ya ya...calculating numbers again!!! Shooo....finally busy period is over (cross my finger), I need peace man and time off!!

Well, what I got here is from Guess....for the red hot blouse and black velvet jeans. Honestly I seldom wear this, why?? Cos I have gain some weight. Oh dear, I really need to shed off some fats. I have tons of clothing not able to wear =(((
The other reason is, cos its too red. People might think.....looks like Chinese New Year!! ok Whatever  =P~~

You guys gonna love this pair of shoes....its from TopShop btw. When I first saw this, it was in black colour. But when I explore around, I found the red one!!! Cant resist to take my eyes off on this pair of red!!!....Oh I m so broke, but I still bought it....hahahaha