Monday, September 20, 2010

Ditsy Chiffon 1 Shoulder Dress

Another new dress =))) I have been eyeing this dress for quite sometime, thinking should i get it or not? I love the colour, it is so vibrant, the design looks chic and very attractive looking when you put on it. So I decided to buy it and wearing it for my special occassion. My Birthday!!! Ok, another year older and its definitely gonna be more pretty than ever before. Sexy, elegant and beautiful of course. BTW, this dress is from Miss Selfridge.
Hey, not sure did you guys notice? I changed new hair style. so unused to this new looks, my hair stylist recommended me to go for a clean, silky, sleak, straight dark hair style. Its damn straight!!! OK. Not a single hair stick out. When I m fully done, I was like 10yrs younger *shocked*....I looks like one of those teenage student especially when i m off make up.....lolz. Honestly, I still love my long sexy curl hair =))) Well for the time being, just be Young!!! hahaha

My shoe is from Steve Maiden. So stylish, cool, chic and comfortable too.

Accessories are from River Island (belt), Miss Seldfridege (clutch) and Chomel (Sworoski bracelet).

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