Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lovely Summer

I missed blogging. I know I have not been blogging for a few months. I have friends and relatives asking me did I block them out from entering my blog page?? Hahaha...that is so hillarious.
Well,things have been up and down in me emotionally and physically, till the point where I need to make a real tough decision in life....(I think so far). I have thoughts of blogging it out and share but I don't think its the right time yet. Not many can understand! Infact I get negatives comments which really upset me in the time where I need comfort and encouragement most.

 Thank God I have Jesus! I know our Heavenly Father have love me so much that he had given us his precious Son - Jesus! Now I know I m not alone to face this situation, Jesus have the solution and its always perfect! I m revived again and I know God's promises never fails. All He wanted is to give us blessing after blessing. =)))

Ok, back to the pictures below.....I bought this when I wasn't in the right mood and finding some ways to spice up my mood. That Although the happiness won't last but it works for that moment! Ha Ha Ha......
Got this dress from Topshop btw.... it looks summer =)) resemblance of D&G flower prints.
I have not been wearing high heels for a while and temperary stop going gym. Gosh!!! I missed alot of activities these 2 weeks. I finally get to wear my Heels back!
Carrying the famous and timeless piece - clutch from YSL. Accessories by TopShop - earrings and bangles. MiuMiu Shade.

My Louis Vuitton heels...XoXoXo!!!! Hope you guys enjoy!!!!

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