Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Wish Everyone have a Prosperous New Year!!!!

How's the celebration going everyone?
I had a good rest!
Didn't do much like what I usually did for CNY.
This year no open house for us. Me and hubby decided to give ourself a good rest for this year. But I do miss the fun like getting yourself busy preparing sumptious cny dinner for your family (which I normally does every year) and get together with your relatives and family.
I missed cny in Brunei... over here didn't get to play fireworks!
I hope next year I get to travel back to Brunei for CNY!!! =)))
As for chinese tradition, it is always good to wear something close to "red" during chinese new year. It represent auspicious.
Well, not to wear entirely red, I bought this maroon skirt and a black&white top from River Island. Didn't realise that it was a good matched!
I randomly selected this during sales.
It was a good buy!!!
I matched it with my favourite Alexandre McQueen shocking pink shoes for a fun looks.
Accessorise with Topshop earrings and YSL Clutch. 

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