Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hot Red + Striking Green!!!

This week, I have friends came down from KL, they are all Ferrari club members! Understand that they are having Ferrari rally here in Singapore. Anyway, me not joining the club....the car is not for faint hearted ppl like me...hahaha only if you needed a hot babe to sit at the passenger seat....I m the right one for that hot seat!!! hahaha
So, we went to Marina Bay Sand to have lunch but was full of disappointment with the food and services. Never again will dine at that place!
Four words to describe...SUCKS!

I have this green dress from Zara...newly bought matching with my red chilli hot TopShop Shoe. 


Anonymous said...

i love your car and the shoes...

Carol Leong said...

car doesn't belongs to yes ;)