Saturday, October 16, 2010

Red Hot!

Weeeeee........Its been a while I have not connect myself here. Been reallllll busy lately with work...ya ya ya...calculating numbers again!!! Shooo....finally busy period is over (cross my finger), I need peace man and time off!!

Well, what I got here is from Guess....for the red hot blouse and black velvet jeans. Honestly I seldom wear this, why?? Cos I have gain some weight. Oh dear, I really need to shed off some fats. I have tons of clothing not able to wear =(((
The other reason is, cos its too red. People might think.....looks like Chinese New Year!! ok Whatever  =P~~

You guys gonna love this pair of shoes....its from TopShop btw. When I first saw this, it was in black colour. But when I explore around, I found the red one!!! Cant resist to take my eyes off on this pair of red!!!....Oh I m so broke, but I still bought it....hahahaha

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